Enegen – Generating Interest With its Growing Product Portfolio

4th May 2021

Enegen in the Press

Enegen Power Systems is according to its website, 'a U.K.- based provider of scheduling, wholesale and Balancing Mechanism dispatch and commercial optimisation software that works seamlessly with its adaptive portal platform to provide a complete optimisation, dispatch and reporting system for the energy sector.' It was formed quite recently by the spin-off of what was Dunstan Thomas Energy Limited, though still enjoys a strong relationship with Dunstan Thomas, says David Calmonson, Sales & Marketing Director. "We are a team of 15 people at this point, but the relationship with Dunstan Thomas affords us flexibility for development and so on. We now have over 20 customers and several of those we won in the last 15 months."
A lot of that growth is founded on its mainstay product of the last 20-years in Genstar4 – a National Grid dispatch system, but it has launched a couple of other products recently and it also resells EnergyFlow from EnergyOne, he tells me.

In fact, Enegen offers a number of software products including a newer solution called ATOM. "Two years ago, we saw an opportunity around generation optimization as a result of the energy transition. With the move towards smaller, geographically dispersed, distribution-connected assets, the scheduling of trades across a large portfolio of assets of various technology types has been made ever more complex and challenging whilst delivering opportunities for further trading. We developed ATOM to help optimize this process."
he told me. He sees a lot of potential for ATOM and is eyeing around two dozen potential opportunities for the software, which is built on Energy Hub.

Energy Hub is another product offered by Enegen, David points out, and it is a component-based client portal and KPI dashboard for the energy industry, designed to provide flexibility and agility in delivering information and insights in an engaging way to users. Enegen has also built another product on top of Energy Hub called Nebula, which Dave said:"displays company and asset financial performance and allows users to drill down into the details of each asset’s revenue and costs streams."

David is also bullish about EnergyFlow, a business process automation tool by Energy One. "We have seen rising interest in this product, and we have several good prospects for it."
he told me. Use cases for the software tool have been in areas like managing complex PPAs and for ad hoc settlements for ancillary services like reactive power and frequency response, for example, which are often today performed in Excel spreadsheets. "Of course, Genstar4 has a strong Elexon shadow settlement capability along with the functionality to help traders balance their portfolios and generators, aggregators, VLPs, and asset operators to participate in the balancing mechanism and interact with National Grid ESO via EDT, EDL, or Wider Access including full automation with the AutoBMTM feature."

Overall, David feels that Enegen is establishing itself alongside its partners squarely as a leader in the area around the push for renewables and decarbonization. "The Energy Minister just announced an acceleration of the program and so we expect to see more renewables coming onstream together with batteries and gas peakers. Helping users optimize, dispatch, and manage these decentralized assets is exactly what we do."

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