VLP Market Entry Service

An asset operator must undertake a self-assessment qualification process to participate as a Virtual Lead Party (VLP) in the Balancing Mechanism.

The self-assessment is a subset of the supplier accreditation process using the same self-assessment document (SAD) and is assessed by KPMG on behalf of Elexon prior to submission to the Elexon Performance Assessment Board (PAB) for approval. It is evidence based and aims to ensure that the participant can adequately fulfill its obligations under the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC).

Market entry requires the applicant to have suitable robust systems in place to perform its VLP obligations which have been fully tested following a recognized software methodology alongside documented business process flows covering VLP operational scenarios.

The applicant must complete the relevant sections SAD with supporting evidence. The topics under examination are:

  • Applicant Information
  • Project Management
  • Testing
  • Operational Security and Controls
  • Change Management and Risk Assessment Process
  • Management, Resource Planning and Local Working Procedures
  • Virtual Lead Party

Enegen’s Genstar4 software fully supports the requirements of a VLP. Enegen provides a comprehensive VLP market entry service for applicants selecting Genstar4 for their VLP operations. This includes:

  • Template responses for all relevant sections of the SAD.
  • Professional guidance and advise for the completion of responses pertinent to the applicant.
  • Examples of appropriate business process flows for all VLP operational scenarios.
  • All evidential documents covering Enegen as a supplier and Genstar4 as a product.

Typical timelines for self-assessment are quoted at 5 months however Enegen have guided applications through the process in around 3 months.

Enegen will also perform the required CVA testing with Elexon which includes the VLP data flows.

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