UK electricity market insight for energy traders

Traders need to make informed decisions on trading strategy based on a dynamic and constantly evolving market.

With the broad spectrum and volume of real time energy market data available from multiple sources, a clear visual representation of data and trends is critical to support decision making.

Quasar provides real-time access to UK Balancing Mechanism market information. Quasar automatically retrieves and consolidates Balancing Mechanism market data and presents it in clean graphical displays and associated tabular lists. Pertinent data and forecasts can be provided from Quasar via either API or download for input into trading algorithms or optimisation systems such as ATOM.


Quasar Features

  • Real-time insight into Balancing Mechanism
  • Predicted system imbalance price
  • System price forecast to guide optimisation strategies
  • Displays:
    • Stacked generation mix
    • Forecast versus actual generation data
    • System length
    • Balancing Mechanism competitors, operational data and pricing
    • Day ahead availability
    • Grid constraints
    • Next assets NGESO are likely to call on in Balancing Mechanism
    • Contribution of LOLP to system price
Quasar Quasar

Quasar is available on a monthly or quarterly subscription basis. Subscriptions are available per user or on a corporate account basis.

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