Enegen Power Systems - Partners

Enegen has developed a broad partner network to provide complimentary services to its clients. We believe that adding value to clients experiences requires vendors and service providers to cooperate and familiarity across teams dramatically improves the implementation experience.

With automation becoming more and more vital in a power industry that is shifting to smaller distribution flexible assets as the country drives towards #netzero, the availability of integrated off-the-shelf solutions removes the need for time intensive vendor research and complex risky system integration projects. Enegen’s partner ecosystem solves this problem to deliver an integrated Electricity Trade Desk turnkey software suite alongside complimentary services such as Supplier SVA accreditation and software.

Enegen works with its Tier III data centre partner, Timico to deliver its hosted EDT and EDL Genstar4 platform alongside expert database administration services from Claremont to ensure a fully managed, high quality service is maintained.

Working together with Enegen’s development partner, Dunstan Thomas ensures the business can scale to any project demand whether its bespoke system development or large-scale deployments of the EnergyHub client portal software.

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