Exceptional online customer experiences and dashboards
for the Energy industry

EnergyHub delivers portal solutions and innovative technology to meet the demands of the energy markets

EnergyHub is a component based client portal and KPI dashboard for the energy industry, that provides flexibility and agility so that information and insight can be delivered in an engaging way to users.

EnergyHub can be easily configured to deliver customer portals and internal dashboards across the energy industry complete with interactive charts and graphs, drilldowns, and compelling graphics.

Whether its key performance indicators, self-service billing, contract settlements, asset performance, energy monitoring, commercial energy portals, PPA contract performance or customer engagement, EnergyHub delivers a compelling online user interface.

By using leading edge technology, EnergyHub will future proof IT investments and keeps pace with changing user behaviour through delivery across devices.

EnergyHub is able to integrate into any number of data sources and systems to extend the life of existing applications and consolidate BI & MI.

Whether you are integrating or optimising your legacy systems or in need of solutions that will provide leading edge portal and workflow experiences, EnergyHub is designed to meet the demands of the electricity, gas and water markets.

Adaptive Technology

Adaptive web technology ensures that the screen display automatically and optimally adjusts to the device used by the end-user. EnergyHub is compatible with the main browsers, smartphones and tablets. This provides a consistent user experience across all devices, whilst saving on unnecessary additional development costs.

Role based views

EnergyHub supports customisation of layout, appearance and functionality depending on the user's role. Functionality can be tailored for specific user groups. You can even send personalised marketing information to your different users.

EnergyHub Marketing Pages

The marketing pages feature allows freely designed HTML pages to be injected into the portal framework. This allows client design teams to create rich web content that can be combined with EnergyHub Apps, wizards and tools. It also supports feeds from social media sites such as Twitter to create a rich marketing experience.

Powerful API

EnergyHub’s API can be used by development teams to create services connecting to EnergyHub components.
The integration layer easily supports the surfacing of data from multiple systems.

App based framework

EnergyHub’s App based architecture allows individual users to add or remove apps and use drag and drop to personalise their portal. Users can quickly identify what features are available, which ones they want to use or can be restricted to a static common portal view.

EnergyHub also provides an MI dashboard for Genstar4.

Apps within EnergyHub are used to deliver information and functionality. They can provide views of, and access to, third party systems or can be self-contained applications in themselves. Different Apps can be made available to different types of users. Apps can also be activated for a defined time period e.g. a marketing App containing an advertisement or announcement may be "pushed" to particular user groups or individuals for a limited time.

Top level Apps are small summary-based controls, with limited functionality for high level information and call-to-action buttons. Second level Apps are an expansion of on top level Apps offering more information and more detailed user interactions. Level Three Apps are web applications with rich functionality and are typically Single Page Applications such as a new business processes, invoices & settlement detail, reporting etc.

Apps can also be used to provide a refreshing new look to existing or legacy systems; billing engines, ETRM, settlement engines, pricing engines, management information, status tracking and document repositories as well as third party content such as video, messaging and specialist news feeds. This supports cross-channel workflows where processes or functions from multiple underlying systems or companies can be tied into a single user process.

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