In an energy market of growing portfolios consisting of numerous assets with multiple revenue streams the ability to monitor financial performance presents an ever-increasing challenge.

Nebula is a powerful, flexible MI dashboard that automatically displays revenue over time by company, customer or asset categorised by revenue and cost streams.

Nebula's out of the box portal technology supports external access providing secure data visualisation for asset owners alongside a management information console for asset operators, service providers or aggregators.



  • Real time updates of input data
  • Displays company and asset performance data
  • Displays company based Profit and Loss accounts by month and day
  • Displays asset based Profit and Loss accounts by revenue stream and by month, day and settlement period
  • Comparisons of performance against budget by company or asset
  • Supports the management of contract information for easy access and one source of truth
  • Supports contract renewal reminders
  • Configurable client views and secure login providing a subset of Nebula data to clients
  • Open APIs to support integration with many data sources
  • Out of the box integration with the Enegen product suite
  • Adaptive technology to support secure access via any device

Revenue Streams supported in Nebula

  • Wholesale
  • Balancing Mechanism
  • Frequency Markets
  • Imbalance
  • BSUoS
  • GDUoS
  • RCRC
  • CPS
  • Fuel Costs


Nebula is built on the EnergyHub portal framework. This adaptive technology delivers a powerful and highly flexible tool with configurable display features through Apps as well as . Nebula also supports Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which provides simple integration with third party systems as well as Enegen’s Genstar4 and Atom solutions. API endpoints provided include:

  • Actual generation at asset level
  • BMRS data
  • Forward trades by asset
  • Auction trades by asset
  • Bid Offer Acceptances (BOAI and BOAR)

Flexible Portal Software

Built on the EnergyHub framework, Nebula is an App based portal which provides exceptional online user experiences. Nebula also supports:

  • User built Apps to customise data views and user interactions
  • Full user management and security
  • Role based views to control which users see what
  • Configurable workflows to automate customer interaction and data entry
  • Marketing Pages allowing rich content to be directed at target audiences as well as links to social media platforms and other feeds

Nebula can be licenced as a dedicated asset MI platform or the licence can extended to the full EnergyHub portal supporting the creation of custom dashboards and customer experiences from any data source.

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