PPAFlow - Power Purchase Agreement Automation Software

The use of PPAs in the electricity industry is widespread and on the rise

  • Renewable generation is increasing
  • Assets are often operated under complex trading agreements such as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  • PPAs can be complex, with whole-of-meter settlements and difficult financial calculations
  • Market Participants can often have numerous differing PPAs with multiple independent asset owners
  • Usually managed by spreadsheets, resulting in copy / paste errors and audit, compliance and traceability issues

Current systems do not solve the challenge of calculating and settling PPAs

  • Standard ETRMs are good for standard contracts
  • But ETRMs are poor for non-standard contracts such as PPAs with highly flexible settlement rules
  • Microsoft Excel provides a flexible solution
  • But Excel Lacks auditability, repeatability, is hard to automate and is prone to errors

PPAFlow, built on the EnergyFlow Energy RPA tool systemizes and reliably automates the PPAs in your portfolio.

Whether you have one, several or hundreds of PPAs, PPAFlow can be easily configured by a user without the need for software developers.

PPAFlow can be installed on premise or is available as a secure hosted solution from Enegen.

Benefits of PPAFlow for complex contract management

  • Drag and drop intuitive PPA calculation design
  • Time series database for managing energy specific data
  • Tailored algorithm builder for easy to build PPA algorithms
  • Pre-built market-specific interfaces (market data, software-to-software, web services)
  • Straightforward data importing from emails, websites, spreadsheets, databases etc
  • Timers to check on change in market conditions (price, inventory or other commodity indicator)
  • PPA Invoice builder and in-built document handling
  • Compliance and auditing of PPA settlements for peace of mind
  • Reduce errors from cutting and pasting Excel calculations
  • Increase accuracy and minimize risk
  • Replay transactions at the click of a button to minimise transaction disputes
  • Dramatically reduces manual effort

Contact Enegen to learn more about PPAFlow or EnergyFlow or call us on +44 (0)23 9431 7620 to discuss your requirements.