Dynamic Containment

Services such as Stability Pathfinder provide inertia on the grid to maintain stability. However when a frequency disturbance is detected, which can proliferate across the network in extremely short order, National Grid ESO need to respond rapidly to correct the frequency to the steady state of 50Hz.

National Grid ESO provide a suite of services to respond to frequency issues. Dynamic Containment is one such service. The idea is to respond rapidly to faults on the system in under a second such as the loss of a generator.

With the continuing growth of renewables to the nation’s technology mix the network is operating with low inertia on a more regular basis. Fast acting frequency response is designed to react to this to support the expanding contribution of renewables alongside zero carbon ambitions.

Availability agreements with generators ensure that they are on hand to respond. With demanding reactivity requirements, technologies such as grid scale batteries are ideal for Dynamic Containment however the service is not limited to specific technology types.

Revenue Stacking with the Balancing Mechanism

One feature of the Dynamic Containment service is National Grid ESO’s commitment to unlock stacking for battery assets with the Balancing Mechanism. It is critical that the Dynamic Containment service is not compromised by Balancing Mechanism activity which would be detrimental to operational security. A number of general principals will apply, in particular Bid Offer Data (BOD) can be used to 'price out' tranches of capability to indicate that the unit committed that quantity to the Dynamic Containment service.

A participant must adhere to Grid Code for the provision of communications through EDT and EDL (either fixed line or Wider Access APIs) and follow the National Grid ESO rules for MEL and MIL submissions following the receipt of a Bid Offer Acceptance (BOA). This is fully supported in Genstar4.

The Genstar4 Energy Bidder Module supports the ability to define Dynamic Containment commitment quantities and will automatically set the offer price to not receive offers (£9999 offer price) whilst maintaining a competitive bid price.

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