‘One Stop Shop’ for AMVLPs (Asset Metering Virtual Lead Parties)

29th November 2023

The AMVLP role is a relatively new way to enter the UK Balancing Mechanism.

Becoming an AMVLP will result in increased profitability for asset owners with access to additional revenue streams as well as enabling more flexibility for NGESO accelerating the path to Net Zero.

Being an AMVLP means metering equipment situated ‘behind’ the defined Boundary Point will be used for Settlement purposes in place of the Boundary Point Meters. Primarily, this will allow balancing-related services on-site from embedded assets to be separated from current imbalance-related activities, more accurately reflecting the balancing-energy volumes provided by the Balancing Service Provider.

An AMVLP is responsible for appointing and managing meter operator agents covering the metering equipment installed at the asset. This adds a level of complexity to the role when compared to a Virtual Lead Party (VLP) as the AMVLP needs to be able to manage a subset of the supplier (SVA) ‘D’ flows for these activities.

There has been a slow uptake for the AMVLP market primarily due to these additional SVA obligations and expertise to enable market entry and qualification at a sensible cost point.

Enegen and Datamere have formed an exclusive partnership to address this issue and make this new market accessible for everyone.

Enegen and Datamere provide support for the required ‘D’ and ‘P’ flows using their market leading Genstar4 and GENUS®GridFlo Lite software applications.

Enegen and Datamere also provide a comprehensive AMVLP market entry service for applicants selecting Genstar4 and GridFlo Lite for their AMVLP operations providing expert guidance throughout the accreditation process and will perform the required CVA and SVA testing with Elexon.

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