Genstar4 Adaptive Portal

The Genstar4 Adaptive Portal (AP) is a component based client portal that provides flexibility and agility so that Genstar4 information and insight can be delivered in an engaging way to users. Developed using the latest technology, the system is designed for longevity and modern mobile devices in mind. Genstar4 AP can also be configured to acquire data from 3rd party systems (e.g. ETRM) to provide a consolidated business level management intelligence portal for critical electricity generation and trading information.

The Genstar4 AP features

  • Dashboard - A fully customisable generation dashboard to display any form of Genstar4 data and at different levels of complexity. Each Application or Tile shows summary information that can be drilled into.
  • Workflow Engine - A workflow engine allows the portal to manage forms and processes, submitting data to Genstar4 and other underlying systems or to reports.
  • Administration Console - The Adaptive Portal has an administration console that allows your admin users to control and manage the portal.
  • Branding – The Genstar4 Adaptive Portal can have any number of brands or skins applied at a role, user group or URL level, allowing for different skins to be applied easily.
  • Marketing Pages and CMS tile - HTML pages can be inserted at any level or menu item to form part of a marketing process. The CMS tile incorporates a fully functional ‘wysiwyg’ editor and can be applied to specific roles and targeted to specific times and durations.
  • Role based views and functionality – Genstar4 AP allows for customisation of layouts, appearance and functionality, depending on a user's role. This means that functionality can be tailored for specific user groups. Personalised information can be sent to different users.
  • App based framework - The App based architecture allows individual users to add or remove apps and customise their portal using drag and drop to move apps around the screen. Users can quickly identify what features are available and can choose which they want to use.

The Genstar4 API

Genstar4 AP also offers an API for further integration into other systems e.g. an ETRM, Contract Manager or Supply system, allowing the Adaptive Portal to bring together multiple data sources under one system.

Genstar4 AP is supplied with “out of the box” apps and features delivering:

  • BMU target versus actual generation imbalance indicators.
  • Balancing bid potential, recent history and competition apps with drill down.
  • Monetary aggregation of BOA instruction for last day.
  • Recent Grid EDL instructions and BMU frequency displays.
  • Data libraries featuring a configurable data sourcing and selection capability to build data views. Data views offer a number of levels of data abstraction, from high level views of data summaries to detail transactional level views.
  • Multimedia application featuring documents, audio, and video.
  • Insight application featuring charting and data visualisations.
  • Analysis application featuring statistical summaries.
  • Embedded Website component enables the embedding and control of websites through the portal linked via Single Sign-On (SSO).

Read more about the support Genstar4 provides for asset dispatch and electricity trading or contact Enegen for more information on Genstar4.

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