ATOM Asset Manager

The ATOM Asset Manager enables the user to maintain the definition and properties of an asset and associated engines or generating units. The availability profile is entered or imported at this level which is used during scheduling and optimisation. The asset’s availability lifecycle can also be defined at this level meaning an asset will not be available for scheduling and optimisation outside of start and end boundaries.

The following dynamic parameters can be maintained for both import and export units:

  • Ramp up rates.
  • Ramp down rates.
  • Fair play rules.
  • Maximum run times.
  • Minimum run times.
  • Stable import/export limits.
  • Dispatch notice periods e.g. MZT, MNZT.

As ATOM is built on the EnergyHub framework, apps can be built (by either Enegen or a client) to integrate with ATOM to create bespoke algorithms, displays and feeds into a client’s implementation of ATOM.

The Short Run Marginal Cost (SRMC) is imported dynamically at the engine or generating unit level and will automatically trigger a recalculation of the position and dynamically update the Asset Optimiser dashboard. The SRMC is displayed by period at the engine level in the ATOM Asset Scheduler.

An asset can be moved to different groups from the Asset Maintenance screen using a drag and drop approach. Validation is performed to ensure market rules are observed.

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