ATOM Optimiser

ATOM Optimiser is a real-time dashboard which displays buy and sell trading opportunities on the EPEX intraday exchange (M7).

Market bid and offer prices are automatically fed into the optimiser and used, alongside an asset’s running costs, to calculate and display, at a glance, a traffic light system highlighting in the money or marginal trading opportunities for assets. A rolling sixteen hour window is displayed in the dashboard.

The dashboard is automatically updated as trades are received from external sources such as an ETRM or EPEX or allocated to assets using the ATOM Scheduler.

Assets committed to other markets e.g. ancillary services or breaching commercial constraints are automatically excluded from the display to avoid erroneous activity.

The user can trigger manual or auto optimisation from the dashboard which will automatically submit the suggested trade offers to EPEX (within submission deadlines) and if successful auto schedule the asset.

ATOM Optimiser can also auto-optimise within the portfolio i.e. auto-trade assets matching buy/sell criteria and schedule accordingly.

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