ATOM Portfolio Manager

The ATOM Portfolio Manager delivers unparalleled flexibility and configurability to enable electricity traders to organise their asset portfolios in hierarchical groups reflecting their commercial business structure and trading strategy.

Portfolio Manager can support unlimited hierarchy levels ranging from the portfolio(s) down to the asset itself. It can be configured by an authorised user to create a hierarchical view of an asset portfolio including customer groupings for aggregators, trading books, GSP Zones, BMUs, Additional BMUs, Secondary BMUs, non-BMUs and assets.

A group of assets can be designated as a BMU, assuming market rules are observed. With seamless integration with Genstar4 Power Scheduler, bids and offers can be automatically generated for submission to the National Grid ESO Balancing Mechanism and TERRE and ATOM Scheduler will automatically schedule bid/offer acceptances received from Genstar4 EDL across assets within the BMU.

Assets can also be moved across the Portfolio Manager hierarchy by the user within market rule constraints and will be unavailable to ATOM Scheduler and ATOM Optimiser if they are committed to another market. Assets themselves (and composite engines or generating units) are defined and maintained in ATOM Asset Manager.

The availability and scheduled position is displayed at all levels in the portfolio allowing traders to action trading and scheduling events at any level using the ATOM Scheduler.

A graph displays the position highlighting at a glance any imbalance in the trading position. This, as well as the portfolio hierarchy, can be collapsed by the user at any time to increase real estate for ATOM Scheduler.

The ATOM Optimiser is also available from Portfolio Manager.

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